About us

Hesperis Group’s main business – import and distribution of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages along with other food stuff items, especially sweets.

As a group, we take pride in our capacity to adapt rapidly to the needs of the market. Because of the rapid shift in the market and consumers needs, alongside a fast growing modern market, we are obligated to ensure quality services that differentiate us in the market of fast moving consumer goods and lead to an increase of the value we can offer.

Our group’s strategy is defined by a good collaboration with our customers and it’s main goal is to pursue a strong and loyal collaboration with each and every client, a collaboration which is built on finding the best solutions , products and services.

The frequent changes in our market refocuses  us on essential procedures like sales, deliveries, storage or supply.

The quality of our service is an attribute of those who look to the future, those who build partnerships, and the investment in quality is, alongside it’s financial gain, a human investment, a change of mentality and a continuous education towards better performance and competitiveness.

Hesperis Group is the partner you need !